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What do you offer for meal prep?

We offer a holistic approach to ready-to-eat meals, by offering you a fresh menu to order from every week with local, fresh ingredients and homemade goodness. We also offer weekly snack and/or fresh juice options! 

What credentials do you have?

Together we hold Food Safe, and Prep Safe certifications, Registered Holistic Nutritionist and Health Coaching license, Yoga instructor,

meditation mentors, and most importantly, Plant Based Chef Certificate.

How do I order?

On our social media platforms and shop page here on the website, you will find information on what menu is available or when the next one will be. Once a menu is live, you can go to "Shop", browse the options we have that week, let us know any allergies or preferences in the box provided, add to your cart, pick your pick-up location and pay! the following Tuesday your meals will be ready for you to pick up at the location you chose!

You can also visit us in store at 350B Ross Street Salmon Arm! 

Why can't I find the menu?

When we are sold out for a week, or in between order dates, our menu is hidden until the next launch day! We share plenty of information, and give MUCH notice for when we are open for orders on our social media platforms!

Meal prices are :

$15 each or save by using our 5 for $65 bundle!

$9 juice

You can also visit us in store for a fully stock grab n go eats and treats cooler, smoothies and fresh pressed juice ! 

Why don't your meals include macro and calorie counting?

We take a holistic approach to food, life, and our business. We believe in harmony and balance when it comes to what we eat day to day. Our meals should be as equally delicious as they are nourishing. We can appreciate each different approach to goals and overall health, but we do not include macro counting in our meals. Our meals are what you see, whole, real ingredients, no hidden mystery ingredients or chemicals! We balance our meals to include healthy fats, protein or animal or plant sources and healthy, fibre-filled carbohydrates!

Are your meals Gluten-Free and Vegan?

We are VERY transparent in the descriptions of every meal on what the ingredients are if they are dairy-free or gluten-free. The main pasta we use in our dishes is NOT gluten-free, it is sourdough pasta. We use dairy cheese in some dishes, and will state so- but otherwise, our meals are dairy-free! We love plants! plant power is part of our passion, every single meal will include a variety of vegetables, greens, and herbs - whether it is vegan or not!

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